Great Customer Service
Thursday, 02 October 2008

It's not often that I have customer service that exceeds my expectations.  And in this day and age, I admit those expectations are low.

First up, is my homeowners insurance company, Homewise Preferred.  From my previous blog entries, you'll know that I am dealing with a sinkhole at my home.  What I expected to be a long drawn out fight with my insurer has actually been a pleasant experience.  They have always treated me with respect and compassion.  More importantly, they did the little things right too:  the representatives always returned my phone calls promptly, and dates they promised me did not slip.  Thanks Homewise!

Second up are 2 different electrical enclosure companies, FiBox and Bud Industries.  I purchased some new controllers for the light show, and unfortunately they did NOT ship with the mounting feet.  I did a little research and found who manufactured the enclosures, and what the model numbers were.  A quick eMail to both asking where I could buy the kits came back with an offer to send them to me for free!  Awesome!