2007 Coding and Updates
Tuesday, 02 October 2007

Unfortunately, there won't be too much in the way of new things for this year's show. 

Most of the maintenance work has been completed for this year's show.  That included repairing many of the strobe lights, fabricating a new 'top' for the large 'Mega Tree' (the old one developed some major cracks), and replacing lights on several wire frames.

In an effort to speed up this year's set up, I created 'light bundles' for the mega tree.  Basically they are nothing more than 4 strings of standard mini-lights, 1 of each color I use in the show, zip tied together.  This should speed things up at setup since I don't need to take the strings out of the box, stretch them, and then put them up one at a time.  Instead of dealing with 64 strings, I'll only have to deal with 16.

I have also started to sequence this year's show!  Right now I'm looking at including at least 3 new songs and retiring as many from last year's show.  The additions, which could change later, include Barenaked Ladies 'Green Christmas', Trans-Siberian Orchestra's 'Christmas Eve Sarajevo', and a cute number from kids show 'Lazy Town' called 'Give Me Snow'.

Green Christmas is complete, and Give Me Snow should be done by the end of today.  The jury is still out on Sarajevo however.  TSO music has not been one of my favorites and the song has a ton of different 'beats' that weave in and out.  It's also a bit too close to the sound that a certain internet phenom used a couple of years ago, and I like to try to be different.

I still have to encode last year's video for the website.  I really should film and encode that just after I set it all up, but it always seems to get pushed to the side.

If I get the chance, I'll be modifying my 'Amazing Snowman' to X10 motion control.  This snowman actually blows theatrical snow, much like the snow you see at Disney World.  Since it's a bit expensive to run, I'll only want it going when someone comes along.  Look for it during random nights this year!

The sequencing of the new songs should be complete in the next few weeks.  Then the fun begins - setup.

Things to do in October:

  1. Finish coding
  2. Encode 2006 video
  3. Set up 'Support' stuff like Security Cameras, controllers, etc.
  4. Finish X10 modification of 'Amazing Snowman'