Intuit: No (more) money for YOU!
Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I realize this is a Christmas decorating site, but I am SO burned up right now I need to vent :) 

Since 1998, I've been an Intuit customer.  My first entry into Quicken was a $10.95 debt card transaction at my local grocery store.  In 2005, Intuit forced me into buying a new version of Quicken so I could continue to export transactions to my roommate's Quicken at a cost of $50.  In 2007, Intuit forced me into paying ANOTHER $50 for an upgrade so I could continue to download transactions from my bank.  This year, they pulled the same thing - ANOTHER $60 if I wanted to continue to download stuff.  

Last year I started a new business.   The cost for the lowest level of Quickbooks 2009 was $100.  I paid it.  Let's forget for a moment that just about EVERY click in the program generates an advertisement for other Intuit products/services.  I also signed up for Intuit's on-line payroll service at a cost of $10/month since I could integrate the 2.  My company only has 1 employee (me), so $10 seems a bit costly for twiddling a few bits.  All my state taxes still require manual processing, so this is not a turn key solution.  But it's convenient so I pay it.

A few months ago, I installed QuickBooks onto my new 64 bit machine.  When I try to download my payroll (from Intuit) into QuickBooks (also from Intuit), it crashes.  I call Intuit support, and the answer is that 2009 isn't supported on 64 bit machines, or Windows 7.  I need to buy QuickBooks 2010 at a cost of $100.

At this point I throw up the 'Time Out' sign.  $60 for a Quicken update, $100 for a QuickBooks update.  That's a chunk of change - especially for software that is now full of ads and constantly trying to sell me MORE Intuit crud.  $160 pays for a lot of typing (or a lot of Christmas lights....  HA!  I knew I could work decorating into this!).

Every year up until 2008, I purchased Turbo Tax.  I paid the $40 software price and rip-off $12.95 fee for eFiling, because it was convenient.  For my 2009 taxes I used a free on-line service that included free eFile.  I will never buy Turbotax again. 

Today I'm surfing around thinking that I should just suck it up and buy the $60 Quicken update.  Suddenly a new eMail appears in my inbox.  Intuit is raising the monthly cost of my payroll from $10 to $40!  You have got to be kidding me.  For $30 I can get FULL SERVICE payroll where I don't have to do a thing but answer the phone and say 'Yes, you can pay my employee this week'. 

Every time I turn around Intuit wants MORE MONEY.  Guess what Intuit?  Your products have given me enough information over the years to know when something is a good deal and when something is a rip-off.  You have squarely moved into the 'ripoff' category.  


Tax:  This year I discovered free services/sites.  I'll never buy Turbotax again.

Payroll:  I do have to thank you -->  Your eMail prompted me to find an alternative payroll provider, which I did.  Cost? Nearly FREE.  I'll have to move some cash out of a savings account to a new bank, but the interest I'll loose on that money is less than $1, and $1 is a LOT less than $10 (or $40!).  You were 'nice' enough to give me 3 months of payroll at the old $10 price - which is going to be 2 months more than I need to move it to a new processor.

Quicken:  GNUCash.  Free.  Open Source.  And it downloads from the one place I need it to.

Quickbooks:  I have a MS Technet subscription for the business.  Microsoft Office Accounting is looking good (and free).


See ya Intuit!   You went to this well one too many times.