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Because of it's flexibility and the sheer number of modules available, X10 setup can be confusing.  I've tried to make these as examples simple as possible,  so I've opted for always using a XPMT1 Timer as the transmitter and only a few different receivers.   Let's start with a very basic setup:

XPMT1 Timer -> FWLROD Outdoor Receiver (A2) -> Wreath

You see you only need 2 X10 components: the transmitter (XPMT1) and the receiver (FWLROD).  You set the receiver to listen to commands from A2 (remember?  House code A, unit #2).  You program the timer to send an ON command to A2 at 7PM, and an OFF command to A2 at 10PM.  At 7PM your wreath magically comes on, and at 10PM it goes off.

Now let's build on that setup.  Let's say you also have a tree on the other side of your house you want to turn on at the same time.  Simply add another FWLROD Receiver on the same house and unit code.

XPMT1 Timer -> FWLROD Outdoor Receiver (A2) -> Wreath
            -> FWLROD Outdoor Receiver (A2) -> Tree

At 7PM BOTH the wreath and tree will come on.  Remember that since your homes existing electrical wiring caries the X-10 signal, the receivers and the transmitter can be located ANYWHERE in your house.

Perhaps you have more than just a wreath and a tree and need to control more than 500 watts - a LOT more.  Instead of just using FWLROD receivers, install a SR227 Super Socket.

XPMT1 Timer -> SR227 Super Socket (A2) -> Wreath & Front of House
            -> FWLROD Outdoor Receiver (A2) -> Tree

As you can see, you can have different receiving modules set to the SAME address without a problem.

Have a lot of lights and don't want them all to come on at the same time (to reduce loads)?  Divide up your display into 2 (or more) different unit codes:

XPMT1 Timer -> SR227 Super Socket (A2) -> Wreath & Right side of House
            -> SR227 Super Socket (A3) -> Tree & Left side of House

Now program your XPMT1 timer to send an ON command to A2 and A3 at 7PM and an OFF command at 10PM to A2 and A3.  At 7PM the right side of your house will come on, and a few seconds later the left side will come on.  At 10PM the right will go off, immediately followed by the left.

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