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One of the easiest ways to add control to your holiday display (or static display elements in an animated show such as the one here at Land O Lights) is to use X10.  Using X10 instead of other control elements, like timers or manual switches, gives your display a more professional look and eliminates many of the pitfalls that come with 'manual' control (like forgetting to plug everything in every night!)  X10 also eliminates the problems with synchronizing multiple manual timers.  Couple your X10 with an indoor X10 timer or computer control and your display will come to life without any intervention on your part.

X10 can be used by normal homeowners with small displays all the way up to advanced decorators using various computer controlled solutions. Start up costs are small, and the 'per channel' cost is much lower than other other computerized animation lighting systems, making it ideal for your 'always on' elements.

If you are unfamiliar with X10, this article will give you a brief overview.  Since this is a holiday decorating site, I won't be covering advanced topics like cameras, nor other in-house automation (automatic drapes, thermostats, etc).  You should also be aware that X10 can not be used for light 'animation' like the Land O Lights show.  That's because X10 is a relatively slow protocol and can not control lights quickly enough for synchronization to music. 

Some ideas for using X10 in your display:

  • Place all your display items and house light on one or more receivers all set to the same house/unit code.  Turn your entire display on at once.
  • Use separate unit codes and turn your large display on a section at a time - reducing the amount of initial current inrush that may trip circuit breakers.
  • Use a combination of transceivers and motion sensors to only trigger certain parts of your display when there are actually visitors.  If you have a snow machine, trigger it only when people are present to minimize expensive fluid use.
  • Create a 'Naughty/Nice' sign with 2 receivers.  Carry a small remote in your pocket and interact with your guests telling them you have a on-line link to Santa's list.  Kids can stand next to the sign and you control what the sign says.
  • Create an interactive display so guests can turn on and off some of your lights, just like a computerized show.
  • Turn some of your security lighting on after the display goes dark.  Use motion senors to turn on additional lights and sound a bell inside the house if motion is detected.
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