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Tuesday, 06 November 2007

While I am taking a rest, I figured I'd write a bit about what's going on now with the show.

If you have been watching the web cam, you can see that things are in full swing around here getting ready for this year's show. 

Right now I am pulling all the bins out of the workshop and running them out to the garage.  The bins contain all the lights, extension cords, and miscellaneous stuff for the show.  I forget just how much STUFF it takes to make the show a reality!

Approximately one half of the stand-alone pieces for the display, things like wire frame deer and walkway arches, are re-assembled and waiting in the wings.  I have to divide this work into 2 parts since some of the display pieces are hung on walls which are behind all those bins!

Unfortunately, pulling all these things out of the shed reveals just how much this (not so) 'Superior Sheds' shed leaks during the summer.  There is not 1 rafter that is not water stained.  Please do yourself a favor and NEVER BUY one of their products.  As I have said before this thing leaks like a sieve and the company does NOT stand behind their product. 

I also completed the repair of the repair of the (not so) 'Amazing Snowman'.   I needed to add a 'time delay' relay since the last blog post.  I this relay gives the pump a chance to prime before the blower comes on.  If both come on at the same time, 20 to 30 percent of the time air was forced down the fluid tube stopping the pump from priming. 

Snowmasters (the maker of it) is another company that does not stand behind their products.  My arrived broken last year and numerous calls and eMails went unanswered. 

Time to get back to work!!!

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