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If you have landed here, then you must be a member of the media. 

I politely ask that you do NOT feature my display or website in ANY media, or as a link from any media website.  That includes TV, radio, and print. 

Please understand that my reason is not a fear of the media, or that I don't want to share my work.  The opposite is true, in fact!  I would love everyone in the Tampa Bay area to know about my show and stop by.  However that simply isn't feasible given my location.

Unfortunately, once media attention has been drawn to a display like this traffic will increase exponentially.  With that extra traffic comes headaches for my neighbors, accidents, and a whole host of other problems.  If I were to be on a through street with ample parking and 'flow' that would be a different story.  I value my neighbors and do NOT want to cause them grief in any way.

If you are a member of the media and have landed here doing research for a story on large displays in the Tampa Bay area, please don't feature me.  If you are looking for in depth stories, or b-roll, please contact Scripps Network Interactive.  Their properties (including HGTV and DIY Network) have done many in-depth stories about displays like mine.  You may also want to contact the administrator or users of 'Planet Christmas'.  This on-line community has many extreme decorators, many of which are more than happy to be featured - including some from Tampa Bay, West Central, and Central FL.

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