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What a Mess (aka Don't buy a 'Superior Sheds' shed) Print E-mail
Saturday, 04 August 2007
Generally when you have a holiday display as big as mine, you need someplace to put all the stuff. Two years ago I purchased a pre-made shed from 'Superior Sheds'. It's been a nightmare ever since. My recommendation -- NEVER buy a shed from Superior Sheds!

To tell the truth, I could have built my own shed, saved a lot of money, AND built it much stronger than any pre built shed. But Florida's rule that EVERYTHING has to have 'signed and sealed' drawings meant that the only EASY way to go was with a pre-built.

In as few words as possible I'd like to tell you that this shed, and the company that built it, just plain STINKS.

The problems started the day the shed was delivered. On the way the delivery people hit a tree with my shed, damaging the entire top of the siding, including the door. Of course they tried to get me to sign that the shed was delivered in good condition . I noted the problems and was told the company would send someone out to fix the problem. 2 weeks went by until I finally went down to the 'lot' and was told 'They (the delivery people) didn't say there was a problem'.

So the salesman comes out that afternoon, looks at my 'punch list' and assures me someone will be out Saturday to fix the problem. I rescheduled everything for that day and of course, no one shows up.

I'm not going to bore you with all the details, but suffice it to say it took them SIX MONTHS and 3 tries before they got around to fixing my shed correctly. The only reason it did finally get fixed was because I called my credit card company and had them charge back the shed.

So fast forward to last year... Whenever it rains, the shed leaks like a sieve. I usually call the corporate number every-other month and leave a message. The person who 'takes care of these things' is never at her desk, at lunch, whatever run-around they can give you. The same run-around I got when trying to get them to fix damage THEY caused.

With the rains from the past few days, suffice it to say that everything in there is soaking wet.

Please, do yourself a favor. If you are looking into buying a shed, DON'T buy one from 'Superior Sheds' unless you want to buy an 'inferior shed'.

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