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2005 Statistics & Songs

in 2005 the show used approximately 35000 lights, controlled by 64 channels - double the number of channels sed the year before. 

Several large changes were made to the display in 2005. 

  1. The roof outline rope-lighting was replaced with specially manufactured 5/8" rope light where each color could be individually controlled.  In 2004 multi colored rope light was used that could only be turned on and off. 
  2. The 'Megatree' was added on the right side of the display.  This tree uses 3600 lights, on 16 channels.  The 16 channels allows the tree to appear to spin & change color instantly.
  3. 9 'mini-trees were added'.  Each of these tree's has 50 lights of four different colors each, allowing them to change their color using 4 channels of computer control.
  4. The large wreath was completely rewired for four colors.  In 2004  it used red and green bulbs that could only be turned it on and off (like the roof).  For 2005 it has the ability to change color.

The show also got a little longer.  In 2004, the show was 13 minutes long with a 2 minute break.  In 2005, the show was 20 minutes long, with a 2 minute break.

Music used for 2005:

  • Celebration! - Manheim Steamroller - Christmas Celebration
  • Linus and Lucy - Vince Guaraldi - A Charlie Brown Christmas OST
  • Winter Wonderland - Brian Setzer Orchestra - Boogie Woogie Christmas
  • Opening Titles & Trim Up The Tree - How the Grinch Stole Christmas OST
  • We Wish You the Merriest - Frank Sinatra & Bing Crosby - Frank Sinatra Christmas Collection
  • Christmas Medley (Here Comes Santa Claus/Frosty the Snowman/Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer/Good King Wenceslas) - The Carpenters - Christmas Collection
  • Jingle Bells and Jingle Bell Rock - A Muppet Family Christmas
  • Christmas Vacation - Mavis Staples - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation OST

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