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How long does it take to sequence a song?

When it's all said and done, each minute of the show takes around 6-8 hours of sequencing work:

To sequence a song, first I come up with an overall idea for what the song will look like. While it's usually not apparent to the people watching the show, each song tells a story in lights - much like a Hula tells a story in dance. Sometimes it comes to me in a flash, other times it takes a day or two of thinking to come up with the story.

Once I have the idea, I start creating the cues. For most songs, I listen to the audio several times clicking the mouse each time I want to create a cue. Creating the cues usually takes an hour or two this way. For really fast songs, I create a cue every tenth of a second (600 per minute of audio) so I can be as precise as possible when it comes to timing.

When the cues are complete, I finally have a blank canvas to begin the sequencing. From that point it takes on average 5-6 hours for each minute of music to sequence. Slower songs go a bit faster, fast songs take MUCH longer.

Finally, once all the lights are up, I run tests and fine tune each song. While I do have the benefit of an on-screen representation of the show while I am sequencing, it still looks different in real life. Typically I spend another hour per song cleaning stuff up.

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