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How long does it take to set up?

It typically takes between 40 and 60 hours of work to set the display up. I usually start setting up the weekend before Thanksgiving.

The display is decorated 'Top down'. I start with the roof, then work my way to the gutters/house, then trees and bushes. The last things to go out are the plywood cutouts and wireframe decorations.

My typical schedule:

Saturday Roof
Sunday Gutters/Garage/Windows
Monday Megatreee
Tuesday Small Trees


Bushes/Arches/Candy Canes
Thursday Wireframes and cut-outs
Friday Testing
Saturday Show Time!

There is a lot more time involved than just setting up the lights however! Much of the 'behind the scenes' work like setting up electrical connections, assembling all the display pieces, and setting up security lighting & cameras starts in October! Planing, is a year round event.

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