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Any interesting statistics or trivia?
  1. The entire display uses approximately 40,000 lights.
  2. Stretched end to end, I use over a mile of extension cords, and nearly 3 miles of lights!
  3. Many of the extension cords in use are actually custom wiring harnesses that I make myself.
  4. During the finale of the show, I have to dim the lights to 80% power, or I would blow the main circuit breaker for the house.
  5. The main tree on the right side is 12' tall, and uses 6400 lights and 15 strobes.
  6. The 4 trees on the left are between 6' and 8' tall and use between 500 and 900 lights each.
  7. Some of the decorations used in the display are 15 years old.
  8. The large wreath on the front of the house is 4' in diameter. It uses 140 globe style lights and 9 strobes.
  9. When fully lit, the wreath consumes 1,400 watts - as much electricity as 23 standard household lights. The large tree uses over 2,900 watts.
  10. Even at 80% power, turning on all the lights consumes 150 amps of power. Thats 2 times the amount your electric range uses if all the burners and the oven are on
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