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How does it work?

Land O'Lights uses specialized hardware that is built specially to create theatrical lighting effects. The system is propriety and not based on X10 or DMX technologies.

Around the display are several of these control boxes. All of these boxes are connected to a computer inside that controls the entire show. The computer plays the music - which is broadcast via a low power FM transmitter - and sends commands to the boxes to turn lights on/off/fade/etc.

With a few exceptions, the lights I use are the same 100 count mini-lights you buy at your local department store:

  • The 'snow flake' effect on the house is done with 2 'Light Flurries' devices.
  • The twinkling effect is done with more than 100 strobe lights, specially manufactured for outdoor use.
  • The roof outline is created with specially manufactured 5/8" rope light which allows me to control each color individually.
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