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2004 Video:

Click here to play the video from 2004.  This was my first attempt at shooting video of the display.  The annoying sound you hear are crickets, and they die down after a while.  The video does not do the display ANY justice!

2005 Video:


Click here to play the video from 2005.  A few new songs were added, as well as 32 more channels.  The actual show starts about 2 minutes in.

2006 Video:


16 new channels were added in 2006, along with some more strobe lights.  I apologize for the quality of some of these - the captures I did in 2006 all had big problems necessitating new captures from a 2 year old tape that had not been stored correctly.

2007 Video:

Since the show is now nearly 30 minutes long, I've only created videos for the 4 new songs added this year.

  • Give Me Snow
    1:30 - A big hit with the younger crowd who like to watch 'Lazytown' (10 Meg).
  • Green Christmas
    2:38 - While I like this Barenaked Ladies song, this show element just didn't come out very well.  It will be completely redone or retired for 2008 (16 meg).
  • Spirit of the Season
    2:30 - From the movie 'The Polar Express' (15 meg)
  • I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
    1:40 - Great 60's track from the Ed Sullivan Orchestra.  (10 meg)

2008 Video:

For 2008, 3 new songs were added, and 2 songs from previous years returned (with many updates)

  • Celebration
    2:36 - Manheim Steamroller - Returning from the 2006 show (15 Meg).
  • The Greatest Time of the Year
    3:34 - Aly & AJ - I first heard this song in 2007 and knew it needed to be in the show. (22 meg).
  • Last Christmas
    3:32 - DJ Allstar featuring Naz.  A dance version of the George Michael (Wham!) song.  Designed to feature the 11 new trees.  (21 meg)
  • Opening and Trim Up the Tree
    2:16 - Returning from the very first Landolights show in 2004, these songs are from the animated TV special 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'.  (14 meg)
  • We Need a Little Christmas
    2:08 From the Broadway musical 'Mame'.  (13 Meg)

2009 Video:

Unfortunately, there is no video for 2009

12/12/2010 Update:  A visitor to last year's show shot some video and sent it to me!  I'm in the process of getting it captured for the site! 

2010 Video:

For 2010, 1 new song was added.  The new songs from 2009 are also here, as are some returning with major updates.

Misc Video:

Showing off my new INDOOR light show, the Santa's Best Village Light Show Starter Kit.

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