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Why do you do it?

There are many reasons why I like to decorate for the Holidays, but one main one comes to mind:

Since being a little boy, I've always been fascinated by Christmas lights. In the 80's and 90's I lived near Niagara Falls, NY which had a wonderful display called 'The Festival of Lights'. During the festival, the windows of the Occidental Chemical building were lit up with a computerized display. I knew then that when I could do the same thing, I would! It took nearly 20 years, but it finally happened in 2004.

The Occidental building was listed in the 1987 Guinness book of world records as the largest Light and Sound show. MIDI was used as the control system since Moog (the synth people) were right down the road in Buffalo. The Berklee college of Music was instrumental in developing the show.  While I am not 100% certain, I like to think that the Festival was the mother of all animated displays today.

Unfortunately, I've never been able to find video of the lights in action. However here is some more interesting reading:







As is the case for most of the rust belt, the building is now having problems:



Note to the Media or others who may have reported on, or have media of the Festival:

I am looking for any kind of news article/video footage/b-roll/etc of the festival to host here.  If you have access to anything, I would be happy to digitize it and host it here. 

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