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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Last week I went over to the LORSequences site to see if there were some new sequence I could convert to Vixen.  Unfortunately, it looks as if that site has closed down.

I was poking around some old files last night, and found a couple hundred of the LOR sequences that were over there on my local machine.  I quickly put 2 and 2 together (which at my age wasn't as fast as you think), and the LOR S2 Sequence Sharing folder is a reality! 

You should also consider uploading your own sequences and sharing them with your fellow users.  That goes for all the different sequence programs out there, not just LOR!

Remember, all the sequences here are FREE and shared by other users just like you. 

FYI:  I added all of these files in bulk, so it is VERY possible that I have confused 2 like named files, or that a download error happens (like 'Missing File').  If you see any weirdness, please use the 'Contact Me' link on the left and send me an eMail.  Thanks!!!! 

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