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Monday, 20 December 2010
Why do people try to use 'Christmas' as a weapon or a shield?

Why do people and news organizations that think Christmas is under attack, or who think that Christmas makes an effective shield?  Attention Fox News -- That is you!  Please take a moment and click on this link to watch the news story that I am referring to:


In case the video is now gone, I'll summarize it:  The display owners AND the 'reporter' are both stating that the Village govt. is trying to shut down this extensive Holiday display because it's too big.  The owners are playing the 'Grinch' card - "One of their neighbors doesn't like the display.  Woe is us we are only trying to bring Christmas cheer."

Ok, regardless if you have a Grinch or not (more on that later), that is not actually why the town has issued a citation/summons.  Apparently, the owner installed permanant electical outlets in the right-of-way.  That is NOT permitted.  See, the problem isn't the display, it's the encroachment on the easement.


In case that link no longer works, here is a summary that sets out the real issue:

..."Cullinane said the village has no plans to get a court order to force removal of the display - which, complete with driveway arch, covers the entire front lawn up to the roadside.

He said Richter has been "repeatedly" asked in recent years to address issues about installation of the electrical outlets and use of the right of way....

"The big issue is the illegal electrical work: She has permanent electrical outlets and wiring under the ground that she has no underwriters certificate for so we have no idea if it's been done by an amateur. We don't know if it's done accurately or professionally," Cullinane said. 

I'm not sure what angers me more:

Fox news NOT reporting the real issue - This is not about a Christmas Display, but about improperly installed outlets on an easement which is not permitted by the codes at the location.


The display owner trying to play the 'It's Christmas!' get out of jail free card


The people who believe Fox news without checking the facts themselves.

The only reason this story got the press is because it's a hot-button topic (Christians VS local govt). If this were the summer time, the display was not up, and the person got a summons for improperly installed outlets on an easement, does this even get 1/1000 of a second of press? Nope.

I'm sorry but if the rule is on the books, and the person broke the rule, then the person needs to suffer the consequences. It is also perfectly within the rights of the Grinchy neighbor to use the code as he has done. Rules are rules, and they are not suspended just because it's a Christmas display. 

Can someone explain to me exactly why Christians are offended when they are wished a 'Happy Holidays'?  I know people who become ANGRY and IRATE when someone wishes them anything other than a 'Merry Christmas'.  Note: we are not talking about non-christians being offended when being wished a Merry Christmas, we are talking about Christians being offended.

News flash:  it is that VERY intollerant attitude that forces rational people like me to wish everyone a 'Happy Holidays' instead of a 'Merry Christmas'.  


From:Crazy Christmas Locations 48-55

The Nativity Scene at Chambersburg, PA Memorial Fountain and Statue has been a town tradition for years.  The Legal Doctrine that allows public religious displays also denotes that every other religion is welcome to exhibit equally.  

So in 2009, the PA Nonbelievers informed the town that was going to display a sign reading "Celebrating Solstice -- Honoring Athiest War Veterans."  Before the sign went up, the law came down.  "The downside of 'everything' is it means everything," explained Bill McLaughlin, president of the borough's council.  From now on no decorations will be allowed on city property. 


Ed:  I think that is called 'Cutting off your nose to spite your face'.   

Intolerance in LA:


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