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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Here is another product that I have to rave about - Garage Door Decor from Creative Impact Graphics. 

(Disclosure:  I am not affiliated with Createive Impact Graphics, nor am I receiving any commission/payment.  I'm just a happy customer. )

If you have never seen them before, a 'Door Decor' is actually a large (16' long by 7' high) vinyl poster that hangs on your garage door.  The poster transforms your plain door into a work of art.  I recently purchased one from http://mydoordecor.com, and couldn't be happier.  If you haven't had a chance, take a look here at all the different designs -> http://mydoordecor.com/PurchaseYourDoorDecor.aspx to see what I am talking about.  There are multiple designs for both 1-car and 2-car garages.

Tim has been creating these works of art for several years now, and I've always wanted to purchase one.  The only thing that was holding me back was the price.  $240 (for a 2 car garage) is a large investment to make on a single design element, especially if it is something you haven't seen in person.  I spoke with several people over the years who own one, and every person raved about it. 

Finally this year I took the plunge and ordered.  The ordering process was simple, and the website worked flawlessly.  You should know however that Tim only stocks a limited number of the Door Decors.  Since the production costs are so high, you'll typically have to pre-order one several months before the holiday season and pay for it in full at that time.  I contacted Tim at the end of September and he let me know that orders would ship the last week of October.  I made my purchase and sent the whole amount due via Paypal.

Shipping is a bit expensive at nearly $40.  The actual package only weighs 14 lbs, but the box is an oversized 7' long to accomodate the decor.  I suppose you could fold the decor in half and then roll it up, but you would risk damaging the print and putting a crease in the decor.  I personally would rather pay the extra money and not have something folded.

The last week of October came, and my decor had not yet shipped.  Tim sent an email stating he was swamped with orders and was appoximately 1 week behind in production.  He promised that he would ship no later than the mid part of the following week.  While I would have liked it to ship as orginally stated, I understand that unforseen circumstances do arrise.  What is more important is that a company communicates to you when something does go wrong, and then stands by their promises.  In this regard, Tim came though with flying colors - it was shipped the following Wednesday.  The shipment arrived a week later, and I unboxed the decor.  You don't realize how big your garage door is until you see the decor spread out on the ground.  

The vinyl is the same as used in other sign applications.  I personally have 3 banners from a company called 'Shindigz' that I have had for several years.  Those banners use the same vinyl, and after 3 seasons they still look brand new.  I expect the decor to be the same.

Up close, the printing looks a little 'blocky'.  You quickly realize that something this big should not be viewed from a few inches away.  Once you back up 5 feet, everything comes into focus and looks marvelous.  The colors are vivid, and there is no noticible bleeding.  

Installation is a snap.  The company recomends that 2 people put the decor up, but I was able to do it by myself in less than 5 mins.  Be careful and work slowly so you don't wrinkle the decor and you should be fine.

How does the decor install?  Very easilly:  Premounted to the back of the decor at the top are 6 "J" brackets.  Raise your door about 1 ft off the ground, and slide the brackets over the top of your door.  Along the bottom are 6 more brackets, but they are attached with bungee cords.  These keep the decor tight on your door, and allow for streatching when the door moves up/down.  Place these 6 brackets over the bottom of the door, center the decor on your garage and you are done.

Once installed, you don't need to remove the decor.  It stays on and you can still use your garage.  The included instructions explain how to cut the decor should you need to use the handle.  I personally just removed the handle.  This allows the decor to sit flat on the door and look much nicer. 

Again, I have to say I was scared spending $240 on this item.  But now that it is up, it's money well spent.  If you have been on the fence about buying one, I say go for it.  

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