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2009 Statistics & Songs

There were big changes in the 2009 show.  The largest change was behind the scenes.  During the summer I sold my old equipment and built my own lighting controllers.  This doubled the number of channels I had (to 256), and reduced my costs.  The 2009 show used 204 of those channels.  The major additions were:

  • 32 channels were used on the house next door.  The Land o Lights show is now 2 houses big!
  • The candy-cane walkway and arches were each split onto separate (15) channels.  This allows for some interesting chases
  • The shed was moved to its own 8 dedicated channels. 

Other than the next door neighbors house, there were no other large additions to the actual display.  This allowed for additional trouble shooting time during setup for the new hardware. 

Two new songs were added for the 2009 show:  Decorations from Bob Rivers, and 50 Kilowatt tree by the Bobs.  Winter Wonderland was returned from retirement, while Linus and Lucy by Vince Garaldi, Celebration from Mannheim Steamroller and Trim up the Tree from the Grinch were retired.  The entire show was nearly 34 minutes long.

Show music used for 2009:

  • Decorations - Bob Rivers
  • Greatest Time of the Year - Aly & AJ
  • Spirit of the Season - Polar Express OST
  • Last Christmas - DJ All Stars Featuring Naz
  • Winter Wonderland - Brian Setzer Orchestra
  • I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - Ed Sullivan Orchestra
  • Fifty Kilowatt Tree - The Bobs
  • Call Me Claus - Garth Brooks
  • We Need a Little Christmas - Mame
  • Give Me Snow - Lazytown
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