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Sunday, 25 April 2010
Where the heck are the videos and the pictures from 2009?

As you can imagine, the holiday season is pretty busy around here.  Maintaining the display, family commitments, and the like keep me jumping from Thanksgiving all the way through Christmas.  Typically I get a chance to take some photos and the video after the display officially shuts down for the season.  That is, unless mother nature throws a monkey wrench into the works!

If you don't live here in FL this winter was COLD.  REALLY cold.  According to the NWS, this section of FL had the 10'th coldest winter on record.  12 consecutive days were below freezing, and each time it warmed up a few degrees (into the balmy 50's), rain came.  In fact the winter was so horrible here it wasn't until the start of April that we came back to 'average' (and out of the 50's).  Yes, we had sleet and snow in West Central FL.  I have pictures of icicles on trees, and a $300 electric bill to prove it.  My typical winter bill is around $110, and the display only adds about $60 to that.  The $300 bill was for February - long after the display was shut down.

Since I am a stickler for getting the display down as quickly as possible after the season, those few warm-ish 50 degree days we did have in January were spent taking stuff down rather than taking pictures.  So I apologize - there are no pictures and there is no video of the 2009 display in action.

Hopefully in 2010 I can get them done early.  But don't count on it! Laughing

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