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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Too many times we are disappointed by a purchase (see:  Not-So Superior Shed, Not-So Amazing Snowman), so It's wonderful when a product not only meets your expectations - but exceeds them.  'Snowflakes In Motion' from Jalor Design definitely exceeds.

(Disclosure:  I am not affiliated with Jalor Designs, nor am I receiving any commission/payment.  I'm just a happy customer. )

The snowflakes are available from Jaylor's website, www.snowflakesinmotion.com.  Ok, don't let the website scare you off.  Yes, it's a bit unprofessional looking and really needs an update to 2009 standards, but the quality lost on the website is gained where it counts:  on the snowflakes themselves.  The company had the snowflakes manufactured for the 2004 season expecting to sell them to department stores.  Unfortunately (for the department stores!), the deals fell through and the company got stuck with them.

After hearing a lot of positive comments about them, I ordered a case of 12 for $65 shipped.  A few days later Jaylor let me know they were shipped.  Total time from placing the order to their arrival here in FL from IL was 6 days. 

The first thing you are going to notice is the shipping box:  It's HUGE!  When you open it up, you'll see why:  Each snowflake is individually boxed ready for retail.  The snowflakes themselves are safely surrounded by a large Styrofoam insert.  My case box came with a destroyed corner that was taped up by the post office.  I feared the worst, but the packaging saved the snowflake inside.

When you remove the snowflake from the package, the first thing you are going to notice is the weight.  It's very heavy.  When you look at the thickness of them, you'll see why.  Bulbs are snapped in from the back and are straight and true with a good solid lock.  Of course the item comes with replacement bulbs and a flasher bulb.

Also included in the package is a suction cup mount (for windows/etc), and a screw to mount the snowflake to whatever.  The website suggests using 1x2 lumber.

If you are looking for something new for your display, try a case of these.  At less than $5.50 each, you can't go wrong!

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