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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

I have completed writing an Animation Director (Animated Lighting) to Vixen conversion program, and an AD to Maestro conversion program.

The conversion can take any AD grid sequence, including sequences that use AD's effects (shimmer/flicker/etc) and groups, and convert it to Vix/Maestro at either 100, 50, or 25ms, along with creating a Vixen/Maestro profile.

I don't plan on releasing the software for the general public. For now, I'll convert AD grids to Vixen for free (but that may change in the future). I'll convert AD grids to Maestro for a small per-grid fee - contact me via eMail. Commercial pricing is available.

If you eMail me (use the Contact Me link on the left and I'll let you know where to send it) your grid, I'll eMail it back to you for Vixen/Maestro.

The conversion only works on 1 grid at a time, so if possible, please load your show into Animation Director and then EXPORT the grid you want converted, and zip it up. I don't need your music (MP3/whatever), just a ZIPPED .MPJ file.

I can NOT convert source code or compiled shows/sequences. Only those you have an AD MPJ file for that are in GRID format.

Due to the litigious nature of the owner of Animated Lighting, please only send sequences that you yourself have created. While Fair-Use laws allow you to convert grids you purchased from AL to Vixen/Maestro, you may run foul of the 'non disclosure' statement you were forced to sign by sending them to me. I will not knowingly convert any grid that you don't own the copyright to.

Your grids are your own, and they will be deleted from my mail/computer after being converted. I will NOT release your grids to anyone else or post them for public consumption - although I urge you to share at my sequence sharing site.
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