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Thursday, 07 May 2009

While we can accept most sequencer file types, to ensure the system accepts your file, please submit your sequences in zip files if at all possible.  This is the most common error if the system rejects your file with an invalid extension.

When uploading, please be sure to specify what system your sequence is for (IE, Animation Director, Vixen, etc).  Additional information is always appreciated!  If possible, give the Artist and CD name, Number of channels, and any links to videos.  It is VERY important to also add a link to Amazon (or another on-line site) were the exact piece of music can be purchased from.  There can be MANY versions of a song, and it is frustrating when an MP3 doesn't match your sequence!

Be sure to include all the media or support files as needed - especially visualizer or other files needed to display your sequence on-screen within the software used. 

For Animation Director you should include 3 files,  the sequence file with a .MPJ extension, and the Visualizer file which has a .VPJ extension, and the visualizer background image.

For Vixen/Maestro include the sequence which has a .VIX extension,  the profile file which has a .PRO extension, and the background image you used in the 'Adjustable Preview' plug in.

For LOR S2 include the sequence (.lms, .las), and any assoicated files (example:  preview background image) as needed. 


To start the upload process, go to the main 'Share Sequences' page.  At the bottom you will find the 'Submit File' link.  Click it and the system will prompt you throught the upload process.

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