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I have been hesitant to share these sequences since they are not my origional work, hopefully they will do someone some good. They have been heavily modified to fit my display. Thanks to the person who shared it. Some display elements are a 16 channels 4 color mega tree, 8 channel single color tree, 4 8 channel arches, 16 mini trees. Most of the sequencing is done in groups of 4 or 8 so it should be easy to change to your display.

Song Title:
Christmas Dont Be Late
Song Artist:
Song Length:
Submitted On:
27 Jan 2009
Submitted By:
Douglas Delong (dougd)
File Author:
Douglas Delong
# Channels:
Submitted On:
09 Jul 2010
Submitted By:
Administrator (admin)
File Date:
09 Jul 2010
File Size:
4.1 MB
File Type:
The Christmas Lights WebRing by tfischer
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