32 Feet and 8 Little Tails
The classic by Gene Autry, but this time by Elaine Paige, a singer from London. To tell the truth, I originally thought she was from a Scandinavian country and English was her second language. Either way, this version is a treat. Genre: Almost Acapella

Please Mr. Barber (sorry, no link)
I'm a sucker for Christmas Novelty songs. Naturally, my lists have to have at least ONE song you can't buy, and this is it. (Actually, if you ask nicely I'll see what I can do for you). Genre: 50's girl group

Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas
Big booming chorus should lend itself to sequencing opportunities Genre: Big show tune

Light up the World
Mike's official 2010 you have to do this song song. Not quite as strong as last year's "50 Kilowatt Tree', but fun none-the-less. Genre: Christian Punk/Ska

Jingle Bells
Used several years ago by Ken Good in an edited fashion, here is the whole song. Lots of horns with several great tempo breakouts. Genre: Show tunes

It's Always Christmas at My House
Well, isn't it??? Of course it is! Fast song with a good grove. Genre: Post Punk

It Happened In Sun Valley (Stan and Wendy - South Park)

It Happened In Sun Valley (Randy Van Horne Singers)
This is a two-fer. The original song from the movie 'Sun Valley Serenade' is just a bit too slow. The Van Horne Singers version is a bit faster and could be used. My all-time favorite version is the South Park one. Stan and Wendy really belt it out! Genre: 40's Musical Movies

Happy Holiday (Beef Wellington Remix)
I'll bet that even Bing himself would approve of this remix. A great beat behind a classic. Unlike a lot of dance mixes, the song is still recognizable behind all the new layers. Genre: Dance Remix

Funky Funky Christmas
The title does not disappoint. It's fun-kay! Genre: 70's Blaxploitation funky disco

Christmas Rhapsody: Deck the Halls/Joy to the World/Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/12 Days of Christmas/O Tannenbaum/The First Noel/Silent Night
I'm a sucker for medleys, and here is one that touches on just about EVERY classic. Uptempo enough to do something with. Genre: Classical

Christmas Must Be Something More
Arguably the BEST hair in modern country music, Taylor Swift comes up with a great song here. Nice message, with a decent beat. Genre: Contemporary Country

Christmas Machine
If you really sit back and listen to this song, it's repetitive and not christmasy. Then it hypnotizes you and you groove along for 4 minutes. Genre: Retro Future-Electronic

Chimney Trouble
Again, another fun novelty song. If you have not sequenced a polka, you should: They have quite a beat if you go looking for it. Genre: Polka Bluegrass